Why do gardens need an irrigation system?

 We all lead very busy lives with kids and  work, do you have the time to stand every day in the hot sun for 20-45  minutes watering your garden?
How many times have you left the garden  tap on for hours at a time while watering your garden and then forgot  to put the water off?

Do you continuously have to move the mobile  sprinkler every 15 minutes and then forget to move it to other parts of  the garden thereby over watering certain sections of the garden and not  water other sections at all?

What do you do when you are on holiday, do you inconvenience your family to come and water your garden? 


We have the solution

 We Install & maintain manual or  computerised garden irrigation systems. No garden is too  big or too  small, I  design irrigation systems for golf courses, football fields  & schools and at the same time most of my regular customers have  small to medium sized gardens.  Designing an irrigation system  professionally from the beginning is the most important aspect - pop up  sprinklers are used to irrigate the lawns, while the micro-jet system is  used to water the plants and flowers, each garden bed can be  specifically watered according to the size and needs. I seldom use the  drip system; this system is generally used on farms and large-scale  agriculture or occasionally for narrow plant beds. 

 Having an automated irrigation system  will change your life forever, it will free up your time giving you time  to do things that you really want to do. Your irrigation system will  give you a constant and even watering throughout your garden, giving  specific coverage to different parts of the garden - some sections may  need a lot of water while other areas may need less water, depending on  location of plants. In today's world there is no other way to irrigate a  garden whether small or big, a automated irrigation system will give  you the freedom to be free, to go on holiday whenever you like and  always have a luscious and healthy garden. 

Blocked drains

 Utilising  high pressure water jetter machine in conjunction with sewer cameras to  remove all blockages including stubborn roots. My clients are able to  see a clear picture of the obstructions within the sewer line &  finally the cleared blockage. The hydro-jet machine uses a hose and  nozzle system which shoots water at a high pressure of 5000 psi through  the blocked pipes cutting through even the toughest tree roots and  sludge, quickly and efficiently clearing and cleaning your blocked  drain. I like to show my clients on camera what the blockage is caused  from, the client then has a better understanding what the issues are at  hand. 

Leaking taps

 We  will repair all makes of taps and if needed we can replace the tap  insides, it may be necessary to replace the entire tap if the taps are  faulty or old. There are far too many brands and models on the market,  often these parts need to be ordered. 

Toilet repairs

 We  have most spare parts readily available in our trucks, however, foreign  and unusual parts will have to be specially ordered in & is  usually received in a few days.   

Dishwasher & washing machine connection

 We connect all brands and makes & our service includes all kitchen & laundry appliances.  

Rain water & septic tanks

 All your recycled water needs are catered for, including supply and installation of water tanks
for your home. The tanks can supply water to all toilets and can even supply water to your irrigation systems. 

Water filter & fridge installation

 Water  purifiers & fridge installations are a common requirement in  today's home due to modern technology allowing us to drink purified  water and many new fridge models have inbuilt water and ice dispensers.  Water filters are essential for the protection of your family. It is  important that your family drink water that is clean & safe. 

Bathroom, kitchen & laundry renovations

 We cater to all your plumbing renovations, no matter how great or small. 

Hot water repairs

 We  service all electric and gas hot water cylinders. We handle everything  from supply to installation. We only use the most reliable and trusted  brands when it comes to hot water systems. 

Gas services

 Installation of  barbeque connections, gas heater installations & gas cookers + gas leak detection & repairs. 

Gutter repairs

 Down pipe replacement services, drains and tank repairs  completed no matter what materials are used.