Company Profile

 Oz Plumbing And Irrigation (OZPAI) is  a complete company specializing in all aspects of plumbing  & irrigation for residential, commercial and strata apartments. Over the years we have progressed in our success with professionalism, honesty and dedication to our customers needs.  

Our Staff

 ​Oz  Plumbing & Irrigation is different to most other plumbing  businesses because we truly care about giving the best possible service  to each and every customer. All work is completed with the expertise of  David Gamerov, who has over 25 years experience as a Plumbing &  Irrigation Contractor. 

 David is responsible for every job; this  means that you benefit from his thorough and diligent personalised  service & he assures you that your home will be treated with respect  & left in good condition. 

 “We run a small business and it is  important to treat my customers honestly and fairly, my prices are  therefore always reasonable and competitive.“​ 



Quality means fixing the problem right the first time.

Not  that we don't love seeing our customers, but we never want to hear that  our services weren't adequate and the problem's crept back up.